Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flash That Smile, Blink Those Eyes, And Swing That Hair!

Flash from the camera has woken me up from my dream. I never realized that I'm in the 9th grade already. The 9th grade went by fast and I'm almost a 10th grader!
In our school, only the 9th graders who will have photo shoot for yearbook. So, who doesn't wait for it? Few weeks ago, I've taken photo shoot with my classmates. You know what? Only our class (9G) who has class t-shirt! Whoooooa, I'm so proud!
Well, here's some of our photos :

Hoihoi with our school uniform

Me, My Classmates, and Our Teacher; Sir Alit.

 9G wore our class t-shirt

Hoihoi Girls

 FBI Agents Wannabe

The Picnic Girls

 The Photographer Girls