Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Give My First Love To You

Last night I watched a Japanese film on Celestial Movies, I Give My First Love To You.
There is a young boy named Takuma. He has a heart disease and he is treated by a cardiologist. He soon becomes friends with his doctors young daughter named Mayu while being treated at the hospital.
One day, Mayu overhears her father saying that Takuma's condition is serious enough that he most likely won't live beyond the age of 20. However, at 8-years-old he makes a promise to marry Mayu when they turn 20. Their friendship grows and Takuma becomes Mayu's first love.
Takuma, who knows his days are numbered, wanted to push away his feelings for Mayu and distance himself from Mayu, because he cannot stand to see her cry or hurt her more than he already has. He promised to himself that after his last day in junior high, he will leave Mayu. He decided to attend an elite high school, which Takuma thinks that Mayu cannot go into.

To Takuma's surprise, Mayu managed to go into that school and had actually done well enough in the school's entrance examination that she became the 1st year student body representative. She scolded Takuma in front of everyone in the school hall, when she should be making her welcome speech. This is the most ridiculous part of this film! She told Takuma that even if he wanted to abandon her, it will not happen in a 100,000 years. Therefore, they became known to the school as lovers.
Mayu then meets Kou, who likes her and asked her to be his girlfriend. However, Mayu refuses. On the other hand, Takuma meets Teru, his old elementary school classmate and friend, and Mayu gets jealous when he spent a lot of time visiting her. Kou asked Takuma to give Mayu to him, as Takuma should spare Mayu from the pain when Takuma died. Mayu and Takuma broke up briefly because Takuma granted Teru her wish of experiencing a kiss before she died. When Takuma visited Teru the next day, he found out that she had died. I was crying on this part :(
Takuma then issued Kou a challenge, they would run a 100-meter race, with the loser backing off from Mayu. Kou accepted the challenge but Takuma wins, and went to find Mayu for a date. That day, Kou went out of the school at the same time as Mayu and Takuma, and was knocked down by a van as he rushed across a train crossing :'( Then, Takuma was informed that he had a suitable heart donor. Later, Mayu found out that the donor was the now brain-dead Kou, and tried to hide the fact from Takuma. However, Takuma eventually found out and refused the donation. At the same time, Kou's family saw that Kou had shed tears, and decided that there might be a miracle, and refused the donation as well. Mayu begged them many times, but they still refused to budge. I was also crying on this part :'(
Later, Takuma suffered a heart attack. He was rushed to hospital, and the doctor did not give him much chance of living. In his sleep, Takuma prayed that he could have just a short time more to live, and he got a miraculous recovery, and surprised Mayu. He brought Mayu on their "honeymoon", visiting many places. Finally, at the field where they first kissed, Takuma told Mayu that he was very lucky and was happy with his life and gave her a letter that he had done when he was eight :'(

Upon their arrival back to the hospital, Takuma suffered another heart attack and despite the efforts of the doctor, Takuma died. Mayu went to the roof and opened his letter, which told everyone to be happy when he was gone. The film ends with Mayu borrowing the urn containing Takuma's ashes, and went to a church to have a "wedding", thus fulfilling their promise when they were young. And I was still crying until this part, I was even crying louder than before :'

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