Friday, February 1, 2013


Hello everyone! It's been a long time since the last time I posted a post and let's blame my school life; I've been so busy with the school stuffs.

February is already here! I'm so hyped because on the middle of the month, all of us will celebrate the Single Awareness Day Valentine's Day. Some of us will get a lot of chocolates. According to a study, chocolate contains a natural substance that's reputed to stimulate the same reaction in the body as falling in love.

Also I wanna remind you to prepare yourself if you have a crush on someone, this is the best moment to confess your love (eventhough it's too mainstream). Don't be scared with the answer, because after you confess it, it'll make you feel relieved. Many people think that if someone confesses his love, it means he asks his crush to be his girlfriend. Well, it's totally wrong. Everybody has the right to confess to their crush.
 Actually, I've confessed to my crush. We've gotten close like bestfriends. We've talked about many things; include deep stuffs such as his ex-girfriend, my ex-crush, our best friends, and each other's life. I feel like I'm very open with him and he's also open back. Until the day when my friend met my crush, my friend talked to him "Hey! Do you have a crush on Meitha?" and he was just smiling. I thought it was a chance for me but the part where I have doubt is that he has many girls who are just friends. My friend texted me, she said "Dude, I just met your crush. And when I ask him whether he has crush on you or not, he's just smiling. He's a lack-of-confidence boy and he's going to leave this town. Well, I suggest you to confess to him. I'm rest assured that he likes you."

I felt so oppressed and I decided to do it. I texted my crush and I said that he helped me to move on by being a good friend which finally changed to be a lovely crush, so I just wanna thank him but he said he didn't feel that way which means he didn't like me back. He said "Oh well, I'm sorry, I just like you as a friend. Maybe you haven't known about this, I'm looking for a girl who has the same religion with me." So, that's okay, the reason is acceptable. It just feels better with him knowing the truth. At first I was really regret with what I've done, I though that I've done the thing which can ruin our friendship. But we're still keep in touch eventhough not as close as it used to be.
One day he mentioned his crush who is a catholic girl and she's not me and my heart sank because he was asking me about what to do to get that girl's attention. I was so screwed up and disappointed.

I get over it by just not too thinking about him, moving on and liking someone different. Just make it easy. When I start remembering the good times I had with him, I immediately start focusing on some other things.  Stop of dreaming about how great things could have been with him. I believe that there are plenty of people out there who want to help me to move on. I hope this post can open your mind and also knock your heart.
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  1. lovely! I like it when people can pull off the long skirts!
    & the little hat of yours sooooo amazing!
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    have a nice weekend!

  2. God has prepare the best for you, it must've been better than your crush ;)
    semoga cepat move on ya dear :)
    you're strong & brave enough to do it.

    anyway, wanna follow each other?
    let me know!

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    the H&M beanie is gorgeous, you're so lucky!


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  9. amazing shoes! i love heels boots!

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  10. Love the hat! The netting gives it a great vintage touch!

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