Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Speak Up

New semester has started since yesterday. New spirit yeay!
I got this Chocobi and Sticky from my friends. There is no a branch store of Sticky and only in Jakarta you can find it. It's also pretty hard to find Chocobi in Palembang (my friend bought it from Singapore), maybe because the cost is pretty expensive.
In these past 3 days, I have gotten 3 english assignments, history, and physics. I think it is a good idea to eat these sugary snacks while do the assignments.
I have a new english teacher. My old teacher had to leave the school and moved to Perth for about 8 months. I'm gonna miss the way she teaches the students. But, the new teacher isn't too bad. He's a great teacher with a lot of experiences being a teacher for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, businessmen, doctor, etc. He told us that he also got some international english certificates, like Cambridge ESOL. He always motivates us during the meeting and I have motivated by him to encourage myself to speak english eventhough my grammar is not that good. He said, "you do not need to keep an eye on the grammar. In this case, english is for communication. As long as you understand what the interlocutors are saying and they understand what you are saying, that is fine."
Last night I just had a small argument with my father. I told him that I want to continue my english course but he rejected my wish. He told me that I have not shown the progress of studying english at that course for 2 years, especially the conversation. Actually, in my honest opinion, I need to have a good grammar. If I have a good grammar, it can help me to speak english. If I have a poor grammar, I think people will insult me.
So from now on, I just want to speak up and maybe it can improve my english.


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  3. i love the Chocobi! hahaha. i think english courses cannot contribute much to your English unless it's complemented by daily conversational practice. we learn best by doing, not by listening to lectures, really. i mean of course english classes helps you have a solid foundation in the linguistic structure but if you want a fast improvement, you need to really practice daily. that's what i think anyway, just an input :)



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  5. i want to try chocobi too!


  6. i think sugary snacks are important when doing anything! LOL
    they are imperative to keep the moods up and keep our brain sane :)

    for english, I agree with your new teacher, I think for conversation, as long as you can understand each other, there is no big need for correct grammar
    however, in written, I guess grammar takes quite a big part as you can re-read it and realize if there are grammar mistakes
    I think English course will be a fun way to practice English as it is difficult to use it in daily basis..

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  7. Actually, when you go to abroad, they don't really care about grammar in conversations. Unless you want to do something that requiring writing like secretary etc. :D
    But, true... it's important to learn grammar slowly ^^

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  8. cute candies!

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  9. the snacks look great!
    good luck on your assignments :)

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