Sunday, October 28, 2012

Acts or Looks?

First of all, I'd like to say Happy Belated Eid to all the moslem in the world.  There will be another Shaun, don't be sad guys! I'd like to congratulate my mom for winning the choir competition. Well done,  mom!


I was very busy lately. Eventhough I had 3 days of free day, I couldn't use that moment to have fun. I had 6 assignments; Sociology, Math, Physic, Chemistry, Drawing, History. I don't really know why all the teachers in my school like to give us a bunch of assignment. I have to face the fact that tomorrow is Monday! I'm going to do all the daily activities. Wake up -have breakfast - go to school - have lunch - go to course - go back home - have dinner - do homework and study (I won't study if there'll be no exam for tomorrow) - sleep. Whatta hectic life!

Weeks ago, I got the 'electric shock' from my friend. When I was having dinner with my buddies, my friend bbmed me. He asked me such these questions : "where are you?", "what are you doing there?", "have you eaten yet?". I just don't like those question. Oh come on, how on earth you still like to know others' activity. Just do not ever be too nosy, folks! At midnight, he bbmed me. He asked me, "what kind of guy do you like to be your boyfriend?". Well, I told him that I have no type. If I like someone and I want him, I just like him and accept him. But, it's another story if you ask me "what kind of guy do you like?".  Honestly, I like easy going guys, guys who plays musical intruments, cold blooded guys, guys who can make me laugh, the religious ones, guys who doesn't like to flirt girls (in this case, I just don't like being flirted. It's kinda annoying thing) but the most important things are attitude and personality. I'll pick the guy who acts the best, not who looks the best. There's nothing worst than being good looking but having a bad personality.

Well, to all the readers, be the selective ones. People say you have to be good looking to be loved. But I'd rather choose an ugly geek with a personality than a handsome jerk with no personality. Happy Sunday!

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  1. cute top! yeah it's very hard to answer when someone ask you what type of guy you like as a boyfriend, I always think, when he comes along you will just know!