Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hello, fellas! First of all, I'd like say Happy Belated Christmas to all my Brothers and Sisters in the entire world and Happy New Year 'duaribusapulutolu' (read:2013) to all of you. May the odds be ever in you favor!
Time flies so fast. I feel like when I blink my eyes, it's already 3012. I got a lot of precious lesson in 2012. It leads me to escape from the dark side. I thank God for everything He has done for me. He has given me a lovely family, a lot of nice friends, and adorable strangers. I thank my parents for caring me, meet my needs, and teach me to be 'a person'. I thank my friends for the ears to listen to my problem, the mouth to give me the solution, the shoulders to lean on, and the eyes to keep an eye on me from doing the bad things. And to the strangers, whoever you are, whatever you've done for me, I thank you. Without you, I'll never get those precious lessons. 2012 is such a memorable year and I can't never forget it for everything has happened.

It's 2013! Eventhough the number 13 sometimes brings the bad things, I hope the thirteen in 2013 will bring a lot of good luck for all of us.

I have some resolutions this year. I want to be closer and closer to Jesus Christ, be better than before, be more humble, be more diligent (especially in school life), be more wise to use my allowance, and be myself because lately I felt that I was so fake (I covered everything and didn't want people to know it).

If 2012 I didn't even too struggle to get the goals, in 2013 I'm so hyped to get it all. I'm so ambitious to undergo this new year. New year, new life, new spirit, new hope, new me :)

P.S.: Girls' Generation new song (I Got A Boy) has just released. I'm so satisfied!!

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